Friday, February 3, 2017

Selfian, Remove Your Christian Disguise.

Two ideologies have been wed to one another by men, yet are worldviews which are diametrically opposed to one another.
The rights of the United States citizen promote the pursuit of whatever course seems right to men, as affirmed in the Declaration of Independence. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.
The commandments of the LORD promote the pursuit of only what the LORD says is right. Refuse to associate with your self. Repent of your ways and obey His. Seek His pleasure and will in rejection of your own.
Only a mortal, selfish man could successfully delude himself into believing that these things, these mortal enemies, could be in league with one another, and only he could then have the temerity to teach it as doctrine to other souls.
These things are in mortal conflict, and the adherence to one over the other firmly delineates the Christ-ian from the Self-ian.
No longer can we pretend that Christians come in 31 flavors. Not now. A Christian emulates the Christ Who died for them, by obeying the Father, and rejecting the self. The Selfian affirms all that they are, is blind and deaf to what defames his or her Maker, and, if they even believe there is a being greater than themselves to be obeyed, fashions rather for themselves an idol which accepts them just as they are, requiring no repentance, no change, no obedience; only self gratification, self satisfaction, self fulfillment.
Christians are not carnal; they refuse to associate with their corrupt desires, and instead walk after the Spirit without excuse. When they fail to do so, they are mortified, and implore the LORD for forgiveness, get up from off the ground faithfully, and walk after Him again. The Selfian does not know what it means to be anything other than carnal, pursues its own pleasures and happiness unabashedly, and commits acts of altruism only to please themselves rather than the LORD.
Christians are not disobedient; they faithfully obey, as the Master did, the command to love God with all that they are and love their neighbor as themselves. They aim for the mark of the high calling without failure, and mourn when they fail, nock another arrow, pull the bow taut, and aim for the mark again, and again, and again. They endure to the end, to the detriment of their flesh, to the glory and honor of the Creator Who makes it possible to hit the mark and honor His Great Name. The Selfian obeys only themselves, and their neighbor had not only better look and act exactly as they do, they had better not be a burden to them at all.
Christians are not selfish; they care for the widow and for the orphan, and do so with love though they know it will cost them, just as the Samaritan of Jesus' parable did, without complaint. They follow up later and make sure the one who has been waylaid, beaten, and left for dead is cared for and can get back on their feet, because their Master left that example in both parable and deed. The Selfian looks out for the usurper of the throne of the heart, labels him or her "number one", and cares only for the occupant in accordance to how the wind blows rather than an objective purpose outside of the self.
Christ-ians who are not Self-ians on a masquerade are PAINFULLY FEW. When I find them, I prize them as precious and cling to them like glue. The gifts of repentance, the miracles of regeneration and holiness and sharing in the nature of God, are rare and supremely precious gifts. That is why Christianity, as it is known to the world, is the blasphemous, God-defaming business that it is; it is vastly inhabited by Selfians, with the rare, starving Christian in their midst BEGGING for the food of God's Word. In the majority of cases, their emotions are so entertained, in the various forms which the showmen, who assume titles above the people in lieu of sharing a gift among the people, expertly deploy, they do not notice that the presence of the Living God is absent. They do not know Him, they do not know His Word, they do not make living sacrifices of themselves as Jesus taught His disciples.
They do not even believe that He is real.
They can not, therefore, be distinguished from the world, because they worship the same god of self that the moral relativist world worships, where no truth is knowable, where no law is to be obeyed, where there is no cause for grief over their sin, and even their sins themselves are re-labeled as virtues to be affirmed rather than denied.
This is why people believe Christianity is Baskin Robbins 31 flavors, instead of only ONE. The obedient slave of God knows that widows and orphans *must* be cared for, because it is the Word's definition of "pure and undefiled religion". They *must* be cared for just as the hated Samaritan did, because the slave of Christ as been shown the same mercy. We were, each, waylaid, beaten, and left for dead by our sins, and God was merciful, sending His Only Son to take on the form of a slave, and the iron price of our sin. We, who are worthy only of death, have been given His eternal life.
The Selfian, when masquerading as a Christian, is willfully ignorant of this, especially when that widow or orphan looks nothing like them. Their conscience is cauterized from it, their sight blind to it. They do not smell the putrefaction of their hearts. They do not cringe when they hear the blasphemies they speak every day. The command of the Christ, to not be like the priest, and the Levite, who walked by the man who had been beaten and robbed and left for dead, as though he were not there, but to be like the despised member of that society, the tainted mongrel from Samaria, who showed mercy to the man, is NOT ignored by the follower of the Christ. That is the dominion and purpose of the Self-ian in disguise.
That is the difference. Before this sort of speech is officially labeled as "hate speech" and simultaneously censured and censored, I will call it out when I see it.
We must expose the Selfian in Christian clothing. We must show the world that some words have not been mislabeled through our society's Orwellian torture efforts to the contrary, and still hold their meaning. Evil remains evil. What is right in the LORD's sight remains the only litmus by which we are to know what it right.
Christian, when you say you will not care for a person less fortunate than yourself, I will know you for the Selfian you are, and I will not remain silent about it. Time is short, and the Master is being defamed by your claim of His title of ownership. He is not your Master. You are.

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